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GDN - Gaming Delivery Network

As the name says it, ScaleSecure is exclusively designed for the online Gaming industry and we are not like any other CDN providers in the industry. Hence we stand out and call ourselves as GDN providers.

Many of thousands online gaming companies are worried about their latency issues and do not have an optimum solution to manage their traffic.

ScaleSecure's GDN provides high latency exclusively to the online gaming platform with custom made intelligent routing platform with effective load balancing technology using multiple network carriers.

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  • Cost-effective, carrier-grade, live broadcasting solution to enable you to broadcast live content over the Internet
  • Enhanced content delivery that senses your need for a better user experience
  • Delivery reliable, high quality live streams to more views than ever before
  • Keep your visitor stay longer on your website
  • Ideal solution for delivering video, pictures, music, games, downloads, and multimedia applications
  • CDN Optimizer
Key benefits

Content owners can deliver best possible video experience on websites and in applications

  • Reduce Cloud backup windows from hours to minutesIncrease storage performance in the Cloud
  • Start your end customer solution instantly
  • Allows the player to play smoothly with minimal latency
  • Flexible configuration options
  • Advanced video features
  • 24x7 - 365 days support
  • State of the art Reporting & Analytics
  • Delivery of multiple bitrates
  • Delivery control by region
  • Flexible configurations for storage and delivery of video
ScaleSecure as a service

IT Continuity

Are your data and emails safely duplicated offsite for a fast restore? Can you recover your networks and replace failed and lost equipment quickly?

Services for every situation

Protect your data with backup and storage in our SAS certified data centers and reduce recovery times even more with data replication services. Keep email working by simply switching to one of our Cloud emails services. Resume mission-critical networking fast with iprotecs Network Manager. Our cloud service centers provide everything from on-demand compute and storage resource to fully live-live non-stop processing solutions.


ScaleSecure is a Robust GDN (Gaming Delivery Network) platform catering its services to the online casino industry across whole of Asiapacific. We have been closely working with major Online casino gaming giants across Asiapacific and Europe for a long time as a technology partner providing infrastructure management (setting up and maintaining their private CDN) etc. We have a proven track record of delivering quality services to all our customers thus far.

DDos Protection

DDos solution delivers unprecedented network visibility, control and protection-providing the assurance that service providers and large enterprises need to leverage cloud computing and IP next-generation network (NGN) services. By combining best-of-breed Cisco networking, computing and storage infrastructure with industry-leading clean pipes solutions integrates and operationalizes a complete DDoS detection and mitigation solution, while enabling pervasive, cost-effective visibility into network traffic.

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Delivering Effective Disaster Recovery

Traditional Disaster Recovery solutions are costly, complex and frequently do not meet recovery objectives. Ensuring the fastest and most reliable recovery with traditional solutions requires fully duplicating production infrastructure and its costs-in order to avoid failures due to hardware dependencies.

Traditional recovery plans also require complex manual processes that are slow and prone to error. As a result, organizations find themselves unable to provide sufficient Disaster Recovery protection for more than a few privileged systems. Organizations are turning to ScaleSecure virtualization solutions to address these challenges because ScaleSecure helps enterprise's to setup effective Disaster Recovery for both physical and virtualized servers.

Physical servers can be recovered to virtual machine recovery targets in a "physical-to-virtual" recovery scenario. Even greater benefits can be realized in a "virtual-to-virtual" recovery scenario, where virtual machines in production are recovered to virtual machines.

Rapid Recovery

ScaleSecure virtualized solutions, eliminates many of the slow, manual steps in traditional recovery. Virtualization provides true hardware independence, eliminating the need to reinstall software or go through bare-metal recovery processes. ScaleSecure virtualized solutions suite uses VMware vCenter™ Site Recovery Manager for organizations that use VMware solutions for virtualization, VMware's SRM ( Site Recovery Manager ) is used to automate execution of the recovery process to further accelerate recovery.

Affordable Recovery

ScaleSecure virtualized solutions makes it possible to deliver rapid and reliable Disaster Recovery without requiring a duplicate, idle datacenter. Virtual machines are recoverable on any hardware, even hardware that has been retired or repurposed from production. Virtualization is a proven solution for server consolidation, reducing the cost of server infrastructure for both production and recovery. Additionally, virtualization makes it possible to utilize recovery hardware without affecting Disaster Recovery and without requiring reconfiguration.

Key benefits

Customers using ScaleSecure virtualized solutions for Disaster Recovery to improve their business continuity plans have realized the following benefits:

Reduced downtime

ScaleSecure helps customers prevent common causes of planned and unplanned downtime and minimize downtime when outages do occur.

Simplified processes

ScaleSecure virtualized solutions removes the complexity of maintaining duplicate physical systems for Disaster Recovery. It also eliminates and streamlines much of the recovery process.

Expanded protection

Because ScaleSecure solutions reduces the cost and complexity of business continuity solutions, companies can cost-effectively increase availability and ensure more rapid Disaster Recovery for more of their important applications.


Because your network doesn't get "paid time off"

If your network - or even a part of it - goes down, that translates into lost productivity, decreased customer service and satisfaction, and ultimately, reduced profits. That's why, every day, all day, our NOC manages the 24x7 demands of hundreds of networks and IT applications for a wide variety of industries, delivering:

  • Significant reduction in downtime
  • Immediate management of incidents occurring around the clock
  • Increased productivity and job satisfaction for your network and IT support staff
  • Increased end-user / customer satisfaction

How do we do it? Beyond our state-of-the-art software and technology, our NOC is staffed - 24x7 - with a team of experienced support professionals. Only ScaleSecure provides a level of customization that is tailor-made to meet the needs of your infrastructure, your staff, and your budget.

We only report on what makes sense - whether it's every incident, or only major alarms. Depending on the selected level of service, our NOC staff can merely report or troubleshoot or escalate - either to our expert staff or yours. We'll do what works best for your business. And getting started is easy - we'll walk you through every step of the way. Break the "vicious cycle" of network failures with our 24x7 NOC monitoring and reporting solutions.

Break the "vicious cycle" of network failures with our 24x7 NOC monitoring and reporting solutions.


  • Is your Game slow?Are Customer's not able to reach your service?
  • Is it an application issue?
  • A network issue?
  • Where in the network?
  • Which direction?
  • We in Scale Secure help you solve the problem at the root level for a big smile on your customers face☺.



Security is in our DNA and hence we named our product as ScaleSecure, which scatters in everything we do. ScaleSecure was introduced in 2015 by a group of security industry veterans with strong expertise in rapid disaster recovery, online safety and expanded protection.


ScaleSecure provides 24/7 personal support and account management, through email, phone and live chat. Our unrelenting team of world class security experts provides ongoing threat monitoring and security policy tuning.

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